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Thrifty's Smile Cards

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Thrifty's Smile Cards
by Bayside PAC - Wednesday, 7 April 2021, 11:01 AM

There are some changes coming forward with the Thrifty's Smile Cards. Current Smile Cards will only get Bayside their fundraising dollars that are loaded by June 15th 2021. After that, we will need to see if we are going to pre buy the Thrifty's Cards on their new program. Letter below from Thrifty Foods

Thrifty Foods is passionate about the communities we serve. Hundreds of community charities, sports teams, schools, and organizations have used our Smile Card Fundraising Program to support everything from building renovations and new playground equipment, to school lunch programs and animal rehabilitation programs. We sincerely thank you for participating and for including us in your fundraising activities. We are writing to notify you an upcoming change to the Program as it evolves to be more timely and flexible for you. This change will also enable your organization representatives to receive an immediate savings of up to 6% on Smile Card purchases.

There is no need for organization representatives to apply online in order to participate. Instead, you will be able to purchase Smile Cards in store and receive a discount based on the total value of the order.  The savings provided is an immediate contribution to your fundraising efforts.

Any active grants to your organization under the current program format will be in effect until June 15, 2021. To maximize earnings for your organization, encourage your cardholders to load their existing Fundraising Smile Card.  The 5% contribution is based on the total amount loaded on to the card.  Funds earned will be paid out in full after June 15, 2021.  Organization representatives will then transition to purchasing Smile Cards in bulk at a discounted price from the store of your choice. Please see attached FAQ document or visit https://www.thriftyfoods.com/community/smile-card-program/smile-card-fundraising-program for more details.

Thrifty Foods is proud to be part of your organization’s fundraising efforts. If you would like additional fundraising cards or for any assistance, please e-mail  community_Relations@thriftyfoods.com.


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