2023-2024 PAC Executive

Please contact any member of the PAC by emailing: baysidepac@gmail.com

Executive voted in for the 2023/2024 school year:

Kirsten Hunter              Chair                                       

Mindy Panesar             Vice-Chair                                      

Michelle  Cooper          Treasurer                 

Jenna Turnbull              Secretary 

Caroline  Upton            Communications               

Kate Guthrie                Fundraising

Nidhi Khanduja            COPACS rep

Cheryl and Christian Wilson  COPACS reps

Pending                       Grade 8 farewell lead

Kirsten Hunter            September Welcome event lead

We always welcome new members! Time commitments are light! About 1.5 hours a month, 9 months of the year. We are fun, chill, and well organized! Prepare to laugh and have a deeper appreciation for the staff, guardians and kids of Bayside! Contact baysidepacpresident@gmail.com if you are interested.

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