2019-2020 PAC Executive

Please contact any member of the PAC by emailing: baysidepac@gmail.com


Chair:            Sarah Hermsen  &  Mike Peters

Vice-Chair:    Cat Jensen  &  Tara Shanks

Treasurer:      Krista Chase  &  Cheryl Haight

Secretary:      Michelle McDormand  &  Elizabeth Richards

COPACS:      Shu Franey  &  Nikki McIlveen

CPF Rep:      Amanda Bullen  &  Shu Franey



Heather Fyfe

Jocelyne Pryer

Dee Westwood


Fun Lunch Coordinator:

Bridget Anderson

Paul Gill

Michelle McDormand


Emergency Preparedness:

Rose Muter

Paul Gill


Fundraising Coordinators:


Members at Large:

Kim Cook

Nicole Dunford

Nicole Eyre

Monique Froehler

Rianne Kuebeck

Keely Kastrukoff

Lori Polukoshko

Karen Rodden

Trina Simonson

There is always an available vacant seat for anyone who wants to be a member - we will happily share positions if something interests you!!

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