2018-2019 PAC Executive

Please contact any member of the PAC by emailing: baysidepac@gmail.com


Chair:             Martina Redman

Vice-Chair:     Cat Jenson

Treasurer:      Tricia Brown

Secretary:      Kim Cook

COPACS:      Keely Kastrukoff & Erika Antl

CPF Rep:      Rachelle Hill



Natalie Salem


Fun Lunch Coordinator:

Bridget Anderson


Emergency Preparedness:

Kimberly Bramadat


Fundraising Coordinators:


Members at Large:

Eva Jaycox

Kelly Hoffman

Christina Filipovic

Shannon Hamill

There is always an available vacant seat for anyone who wants to be a member - we will happily share positions if something interests you!!

Last modified: Thursday, 28 June 2018, 1:37 PM