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New Executive for COPACS and Treasurer needed!

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New Executive for COPACS and Treasurer needed!
by Bayside PAC - Wednesday, 13 April 2016, 10:15 AM

Good Morning everyone,


I am pleased to announce that your COPACS executive officers for the 2016/17 school year will be:


President: James Taylor

1st Vice President: Melissa Drolet

2nd Vice President: Kim Currie

Secretary: Jamie Disbrow

Communications: Erin Bronklebank

Emergency Preparedness: Corey Makar


I am looking forward to working with the new executive in the 2016/17 school year.  You have a very talented and dedicated group of parents working to support children and families across our district level.  


I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to Heather Carley, and Jen Langard who will not be returning to the executive this up coming year.  Jen and Heather have worked hard for many years at COPACS serving parents and families in SD63.  I wish them all the best as they focus their energies on their respective school communities.


Jen has graciously agreed to stay on as interim treasurer until we find someone to take over for her.


Could you please inform your parent communities that we are actively seeking someone for the treasurer position.  This position will be slightly different from that of PAC treasurer in that there is less accounting work given the size and simplicity of  our budget and accounts.   


This position maybe of interest to someone with a business and or accounting background that would like to share their expertise and knowledge with parents volunteering at the PAC level.  There is the potential to provide leadership, mentoring, and support to PAC executive across our district through this position.


Please find attached my year end report highlighting some of our successes in 2015/16.


Yours for the children...


James Taylor


Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils in Saanich (COPACS)