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Mid-Summer party - May 26th! - Unveiling of Bayside's new Totem!

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Mid-Summer party - May 26th! - Unveiling of Bayside's new Totem!
by Bayside PAC - Wednesday, 3 February 2016, 4:03 PM

As we hope you have heard, there are some very exciting things happening at Bayside around a totem pole that the PAC has consigned Mark Henry to carve for the school. 

Mark is currently working with students to formulate ideas on what Bayside means to them and how to interpret that into animals on the pole.  Please see the attachment showing what came out of their first session!  Mark will continue to work with the First Nations teachers and the group of student ambassadors as he works through this project that we plan to unveil at our Mid-Summer party on Thursday, May 26th!  We surely hope you have marked your calendar to not only attend this spectacular event but to share in the community of your school as there will be food, music, sharing in the classrooms and so much more!  Come out and join the Bayside community before school ends!

So...the planning begins!  We would like to put a call out to all Bayside parents and staff who are able to join a party planning committee to get everything set for this fabulous event.  We will be having a meeting within the next two weeks to get the balls rolling.  This party will take all the elements of our Welcome Back BBQ PLUS!  We are hoping these two events bookend the school year beautifully for all coming years!

If you are able to pitch in to help plan, offer a service, offer suggestions, help on the day of the event, or anything else, please email us at <strong></strong> and we will be in touch soon! 

Thank you in advance for helping with such a great community event for our school!

Your Bayside PAC!