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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) POSITIONS 2019-2020 NEED TO BE FILLED!!

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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) POSITIONS 2019-2020 NEED TO BE FILLED!!
by Bayside PAC - Monday, 3 June 2019, 11:22 AM

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) POSITIONS 2019-2020 NEED TO BE FILLED!!

Dear Parents and Guardians of Bayside Middle School,

We are in DESPERATE need of 3 specific positions on the PAC Executive Board next near: Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary - these and many other positions will be vacant next year. The majority of our current PAC Executive team are leaving Bayside next year and unfortunately without a child in Bayside you are not allowed to continue to hold a position on the board. If we don't secure these 3 MANDATORY positions, the PAC will dissolve, along with all our funding. $14,280 was received this past year, and around same amount is projected for receival next year. This will not be granted, plus all the current money in our bank account (as of May 31st = $13,340) will be taken away from us and distributed to other PACs in the district. Not only will we will have to say goodbye to our PAC committee, but we will also be saying goodbye to all the amazing programs this money helps to fund at our school: band, sports programs, math, arts, literacy, field trips, lunch clubs, hot lunches, classroom supplies …. and the list goes on!

Do you have a child in Bayside next year? Please join the PAC and become an integral part of making Bayside an amazing place for our kids and give an incredible feeling of connection to the school! We cannot continue to function the way we have and support the school in spirit and financially without your help. Our grants and passive fundraising will not happen without YOU! We are very proud of what the PAC has accomplished over the years, and we don’t want to see it fall apart next year. Please help us help it continue with a new crew of fabulous people! All it takes is 10 minutes a week, 1 hour a month of your time to give your kids the middle school experience they are so deserving of!

Did you know that every position on the team can be shared to lighten the workload? Maybe you cannot commit to doing a role on your own; but would consider sharing roles? We strongly encourage you to talk to other parents and guardians around you to join the executive team together. Remember EVERY parent or guardian of a child at Bayside IS a member of the PAC, whether you want to be or not; that’s what a PAC is – the voice of the parents. We welcome all of you to have a voice and be a part of a beautiful team. New faces and ideas are always welcome and encouraged. Please get involved. Stay connected to the school during your child’s most transformative years! Your kids and our school need you!

If you have any questions, please email baysidepac@gmail.com.

Our last meeting of the year is on Tuesday, June 18th. It’s at 6:30pm at Bayside in the Learning Commons! This meeting will be very short! It’s our LAST CHANCE to save the PAC!! We will be voting in a new PAC and WE NEED YOU!

As you can see below, we have a ½ of a position filled for next year; and all 3 mandatory positions to be able to call ourselves a PAC and maintain our grants and funding capacity are Vacant:

2019/2020 PAC Positions Available:


Chair: Vacant – MANDATORY

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant – MANDATORY

Secretary: Vacant – MANDATORY

COPACS: Vacant

CPF Reps: Vacant



Fun Lunch Coordinators:

  1. Filled
  2. Vacant

Emergency Preparedness:


Fundraising Coordinator:


General Members at Large:

Infinite number of Vacant positions available