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Got scrap metal to recycle?

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Got scrap metal to recycle?
by Bayside PAC - Thursday, 23 November 2017, 4:26 PM

Bring your metal to Bayside and help support this Gr. 7 Quebec trip fundraiser.

The bin will now remain on site until the end of November.

We’re fundraising for Bayside Middle School Quebec trip.

Drop off metal items in bin located at the end of 1101 Newton Place at Bayside Middle School.
Appliances, Barbeques, lawn chairs, bikes, tools, washing machines, pots and pans, pipes and much more.
Farming equipment, cars and big items call for easy pick up. 250-880-0963 (Mention Bayside Quebec trip!)
Friday October 27 - the end of November!

Thank you for your support!