Grade 8 band

Interim Report Cards

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Interim Report Cards
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 27 October 2017, 3:13 PM

Interim Report Cards have been distributed to students yesterday and today. 

**Please note, your child has still got a few weeks remaining in the term to improve their mark.**

At this point in Band they are being marked on:

1. Preparation in Band (on time and with necessary supplies)

2. Masterclass Attendance (should sign in each week, please remember to let me know if your son/daughter will be absent so that they are marked absent on the attendance sheet).

3. Band Karate Playing tests (should be done at least the White Bead now, with the Yellow and Orange to be completed before Nov 24). Retests are encouraged, so practice and try again if at first not successful!

4. Concert Etiquette (showing respect for others who are talking/performing).

For PE they are being marked on the following:

1. PE Strip (on time, full PE strip, and in squads).

2. Participation in games, drills, and warmups.

3. Sportsmanship and Attitude towards activities and games.

4. Running Program effort.

5. Leadership (helping with equipment and leading stretches).

If your child is not happy with their interim mark, encourage them to take the time to make changes to achieve the mark they desire. I am open to chatting with students if they feel uncertain or need a little extra help. Please ask them to see me at recess/lunch any day of the week.