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Mentorship, Concerts, Uniform, Band Karate

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Mentorship, Concerts, Uniform, Band Karate
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 3 November 2017, 10:42 AM

Items of note this week:

1. Mentorship- Grade 7/8 students have the opportunity to help mentor our Grade 6 Beginning Band students at lunch from 12:30-12:45 any day of the week from Nov 6-Dec 22. After mentoring the younger musicians 5X, the grade 7/8 students will earn a Bonus- Clear Bead for their Band Karate ring and chart. It is expected that the mentors attend the days they signed up for with their instrument and patiently help the Grade 6's by modelling good posture, position, embouchure (grip- percussion), and tone. Students will need help with note names, fingerings/positions, and rhythms to prepare for their band karate playing tests and/or their concert pieces.

2. Concert Dates and Uniform- A friendly reminder that our Winter Concert is on Weds Dec 13 (7pm) and Fri Dec 14 (block 1 for school). Students are required to participate and wear their uniform: Black Pants, Black Socks, Black Shoes (not necessary if your child is comfortable wearing just their socks on stage), Black Dress shirt with a collar, and a Band Tie (provided by the school).

3. Band Karate Deadline- Term 1 Band Karate (White, Yellow, and Orange playing tests) are due no later than Nov 24. Please note, students completing these three beads will secure an A or B on their report card for Band. Missing one or more of the playing tests will result in a lower mark (C+, C, or C-) and the student will not get on to the honour roll. Students are encouraged to practice those exercises and test frequently to ensure the mark they desire to achieve. Re-tests are suggested if not successful on the first attempt.

4. Remembrance Day- The Grade 8 Band is performing at the Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday Nov 10th. Students are reminded to bring their instrument and music (O Canada, Hope Everlasting) and wear their all black uniform: Black pants, black socks, black shoes, black dress shirt with collar. Please note, we will not be wearing our band ties for this solemn assembly.

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