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Band Karate playing test deadline for Term 1

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Band Karate playing test deadline for Term 1
by Amber Aitchison - Thursday, 19 October 2017, 3:10 PM

Students are working hard preparing for their playing tests. We call these tests "Band Karate" as they earn a bead for their luggage tag (on their instrument case handle) and a sticker for the chart when they pass their test. This term, Band 8 students are completing three tests below. All exercises are from their Technique and Musicianship Book. The deadline for Term 1 Band Karate is: Nov 24.

White: #2 (Concert Bb Major Scale, Arpeggio, and Thirds)

Yellow: #4 (Concert Ab Major Scale, Arpeggio, and Thirds)

Orange: #12 (Concert C Major Scale, Arpeggio, and Thirds)

We learn these exercises in class so that students know the correct notes and rhythms. It is expected that they will review them at home to further build confidence and polish their playing. I suggest practising for 15-20 minutes every day or every other day(on non-band weeks) to build muscle memory. At this point most students have completed the White Bead and are steadily working towards the Yellow Bead. Parents, please ask your son/daughter to put on a mini-performance to help reduce feelings of performance anxiety. Have them introduce themself, their instrument, and what piece they'll be playing. Then don't forget to applaud their efforts! It's quite an accomplishment to perform for others.

Brass players use the BANDMATE app to match the pitch. All students should use a METRONOME to ensure that they are staying in tempo (beat) without rushing/slowing down. 

Have a nice weekend!