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Education Questions to Ask Canidates

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Education Questions to Ask Canidates
by Bayside PAC - Wednesday, 19 April 2017, 12:33 AM

Below is a previous letter from the COPACS president encouraging all of us to be the champions for our children's needs during the upcoming election. The attachment provides concise information and questions that voters can pose to candidates during the campaign leading up to the election in early May. Whether you are opening your door to them or planning to attend a debate or other event this information will get your mind turning on the education issues that are prevalent in our school districts...

Hello Everyone,

I am following up with my letter to PACs, parents and families that I sent on Jan. 26th.  Attached below you will find an overview letter encouraging all parents to champion their children's needs and rights to a quality public education.  I am including some other supporting documents as resources to facilitate meaningful dialogue and engagement. 

Included is:

  • a list of potential questions parents might want to use to facilitate discussions on public education
  • a COPACS briefing note regarding the recent budget announcements made this week
  • and finally a briefing note from Dr. Elder to our Board looking at various implications of the Supreme Court of Canada ruling for our district. 

I encourage you to talk about these issues at your next PAC meeting and develop some ideas on how you can foster broader dialogue and engagement within the parent community.

Thanks again for all that you do and have a great weekend with your family 

Yours for the children

James T.