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Please accept our apologies for a disappointing PAC lunch experience!

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Please accept our apologies for a disappointing PAC lunch experience!
by Bayside PAC - Thursday, 13 April 2017, 7:05 PM

Firstly, a huge Thank You to all the staff, parents and kids who supported us at today's PAC lunch right before Easter.

Secondly, we would like to sincerely apologize for the long waits, the soggy fries and the lack of salad in some cases!  So very disappointing for everyone involved!

Due to the huge quantities ordered, each of the ovens in the canteen and the home ec kitchen were full to capacity with two sheets each, causing a lack of air flow which resulted in needing DOUBLE the cooking time of the fries and chicken.  As we are not experts on preparing such large quantities, we had no idea that this would happen and, unfortunately, it resulted in many kids not getting the quality of lunch we wanted to deliver in a timely manner.  We continue to learn how to do these lunches best and hope you can appreciate our process during this curve. We love doing them and want them to be really great for the kids!  We really appreciate all the support that we have been given by the school, the parents and the kids!

We tried our best to get everyone fed and substitute missing items with something else whenever possible, but we sure hope we got everyone fed well enough today!  If anyone feels they did not receive the value for the meal today, we would be happy to refund part of the cost as this is the last PAC lunch this year.  As you know, these events are fun for the kids and the school, but they are also fundraisers for the PAC to provide supplies and programs at Bayside.  We are obviously disappointed that this lunch did not go as well as the other three we held this year.  

If you would like a partial refund for today's lunch, please contact and we will get it to you straight away.

In the end it did seem that almost all kids were satisfied with being given extra fries or other substitutions, it's just a shame that they had to wait so long.  

Once again our apologies!!

Your Bayside PAC