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Another great PAC event at Bayside!

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Another great PAC event at Bayside!
by Bayside PAC - Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 6:15 PM

Thank you sooo very much to everyone who contributed in making today awesome!  Collaboration and hard work made this event incredible for the volunteers, staff and students at Bayside!!  
If you have some comments on what went well and/or how it could be improved for next year, we'd love to hear them!  Email us at  We'd especially like to hear what your kids had to say!  

Or comment on our Facebook page at...

Stay tuned for some more fabulous PAC sponsored events for 2016-17 with our Welcome Back BBQ in September, four special PAC Lunches, this event again and some form of year end party for families too!  We’ll need great volunteers for those events too! 
Plan to come to our June PAC meeting on June 21st.  We are having it off-site so let us know you are coming so we can send you the info!
Thanks as always for your support!

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