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Leaky Roof Update!

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Leaky Roof Update!
by Bayside PAC - Wednesday, 11 May 2016, 11:31 PM

PAC remain cautiously optimistic that our roof repair will COMMENCE this summer.  We now share the latest update and await final commitment from the Min. of Education and his team together with District #63.  Please see the email communication below from Superintendent Keven Elder.

Update on Planning for the New Roof


Hello everyone, and all the best of this beautiful spring to you all.  Thank you for your patience as we await news on replacement of the Bayside roof.  Your patience has extended from waiting for repairs and replacements over the years to waiting for confirmation of full replacement as promised by the Minister and the Ministry of Education. 


As you may know, while we remain optimistic for a summer start the preparation is taking longer than anticipated, and for good reason.  When the engineers, suppliers and quantity surveyors got into the roof in March it became clear that much more work will be needed to address structural and upper building envelope issues than originally thought.  Thankfully, and to their credit, the Minister and the Ministry staff remain committed to finding a solution based on full replacement of the roof, even though the larger scope of work has driven the projected costs up substantially.  Additional time has been needed to plan for a larger project which may now of course have to be staged into two phases separated by winter.  That would be a small price to pay for getting this larger project completed.  We know that waiting is hard, but getting it done right is the priority, as opposed to just getting it done, and the much higher cost does create challenges for the funder.  Still, there is still every reason to be optimistic and we do appreciate your patience.




Keven Elder

Superintendent of Schools

Keep your fingers crossed!

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