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April's PAC Meeting Minutes, Clothing Orders AND Open House Tickets!!

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April's PAC Meeting Minutes, Clothing Orders AND Open House Tickets!!
by Bayside PAC - Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 5:07 PM

Please see attached the minutes from April's PAC meeting and please plan to attend our AGM on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30 to get our PAC all set to finish the year strong and get prepared for next year!  Only two meetings left this year!  The PAC will be moving forward with the vision we set forth in February and work on our simple 18 month plan so the framework for next year is all set!  Come, get involved in the future of Bayside!!

Don't forget clothing orders are going in again on May 6th for anyone that wants to order a Bayside hoody or any other great Bayside gear!  We can get the t-shirts and hoodies in BLACK too if your child would prefer!  Volunteers are at the school all this week at lunch and after school, if warranted, for sizing and info.  Order forms are in the office or through the PAC News on this site.  Plus we have some existing stock to sell!  Check it out in the gallery!

If you haven't already, please read through the last note sent out by the PAC about the cuts to funding for our School District!  Please consider sending the Minister an email in support of our District providing the best educational experience possible!!  Check the PAC news for the links on that!

And lastly but certainly not you have your FREE tickets to the fabulous Bayside's Open House on Thursday, May 26th?  We are unveiling the totem and having an amazing cultural celebration!!  Bring everyone but please get your free ticket so we know how much food to get!!  Tickets online through the link on the school's website or in the office!!

Thanks as always for your support!!

YOUR Bayside PAC