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Advocate for your Gifted Child workshop April 23rd.

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Advocate for your Gifted Child workshop April 23rd.
by Bayside PAC - Friday, 15 April 2016, 9:39 AM

Please see this note below about an upcoming workshop from Elizabeth Wallace, Gifted BC:

Dear members of Bayside PAC:


I should like to introduce myself and provide information about the upcoming strategic advocacy workshop in Sidney on April 23rd. The goal is to assist parents of children described as "gifted" to advocate more effectively.


Giftedness is thought to be a gift. However, we need to understand that “gifted” children are vulnerable and have special needs because their cognitive functioning is more highly developed than children of the same age.  This asynchronous development often causes emotional, behavioural and mental health challenges.


The workshop is designed to promote discussion among parents who are helping their children to overcome barriers made higher by the "G Word". A strategic approach to advocacy will help them to work with teachers and school district personnel to make the best choices for their children. Further information, including a link for workshop registration, can be found at my website:

Thank you in advance for passing on this information to parents who may be interested in the session.  I will be glad to answer any questions about the workshop or about other initiatives in BC to provide programming and support for children described as gifted.


I appreciate your time,


Elizabeth Wallace, PhD