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Show your support for a NEW roof at Bayside!!

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Show your support for a NEW roof at Bayside!!
by Bayside PAC - Monday, 29 February 2016, 11:47 PM

Meetings are still happening and questions are still being asked BUT the Ministry of Education still needs to commit the required funds to replace the roof at Bayside THIS summer

School District 63 has put $1 Million on the table which has considerably reduced the amount needed from the Province!  Your PAC is actively working with the school, the District and our MLA, Gary Holman, to get answers and a joint commitment for OUR KIDS!! 

Here is Gary Holman bringing up our issue at Question Period again today...

The news coverage is still happening but today, we are not the top story. Check out tonight's news at 10:36 of the broadcast...

Our NEW roof will not stay at the forefront and get the funding approval from the Ministry of Education unless we, as concerned parents of Bayside students, continue to write letters, share examples of what our kids are dealing with and get more signatures of support on our petition!  We are getting so close!!  Please ask everyone you know to show support for this issue by signing our petition and writing letters to those mentioned below!!

Please write to the Honorable Mike Bernier, Minister of Education at



and Our local representative for capital management for the Ministry of Education, Ryan Spillett at

Please cc the folllowing:


Mr. Steve Newlove, Vice-Principal Bayside,


Mrs. Wendy MacDonald, Principal Bayside,


Bayside PAC,


Keven Elder, Superintendent of SD 63,


Kim Milburn, Interim Director of Facilities SD 63,


The Saanich School Board Trustees,,


Ministry of Finance/Risk Management Branch who is responsible for The School Protection Program,,


Ministry of Education, Capital Management Branch at


MLA, Gary Holman, Saanich North and the Islands,


As always, you can always contact us at <u></u>!

Together, we WILL get Bayside a NEW roof this YEAR!


Your Bayside PAC