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PAC News and February's Meeting Minutes - please read!!

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PAC News and February's Meeting Minutes - please read!!
by Bayside PAC - Sunday, 21 February 2016, 2:46 PM

Hello all!  Please take some time to read the minutes of February's PAC meeting held last week.  You will see some great notes about a visioning session held by our PAC to further define where we should be putting our energy and resources, as well as many other important agenda items discussed.  Please come to our next meeting in April to get involved! 

If you can, please also come to a meeting at Bayside on Tuesday, February 23rd at 8:45 am to be part of the team planning our end of year party on May 26th where we will be hosting the school community for food and music, celebrating all the learning that has happened at Bayside this year, as well as unveiling the 10' totem being carved by Mark Henry that the PAC has donated funds for and the kids are fully involved in. 

In addition, by now, we are sure you have seen the news about our roof all over CTV news, Facebook and our online petition which has reached almost 400 signatures in three days!  Here are the links to the two CTV broadcasts....  and

And here's the link to the petition....

You can get involved by signing the petition and sending letters of concern to all the parties below.

Our local representative for capital management for the Ministry of Education, Ryan Spillett at


Please cc the folllowing:


Mr. Steve Newlove, Vice-Principal Bayside,


Mrs. Wendy MacDonald, Principal Bayside,


Bayside PAC,


Kevin Elder, Superintendent of SD 63,


Kim Milburn, Interim Director of Facilities SD 63,


The Saanich School Board Trustees,,


Ministry of Finance/Risk Management Branch who is responsible for The School Protection Program,,


Ministry of Education, Capital Management Branch at


MLA, Gary Holman, Saanich North and the Islands,


Thank you for getting involved in your child's education at Bayside by creating the best experience possible! 


YOUR Bayside PAC