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INPUT FROM PARENTS REQUIRED!! Important and Time Sensitive!!

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INPUT FROM PARENTS REQUIRED!! Important and Time Sensitive!!
by Bayside PAC - Tuesday, 24 November 2015, 9:09 AM

Please see below a message from our COPACS President needing YOUR involvement!  Please send us your comments to <strong></strong> before the end of day Wednesday to forward on your behalf!  Thank you in advance for helping to shape this very important decision!

Hello everyone,


As we move forward to implementing the new curriculum, the Ministry has decided to remove two days from the current 2015-16 school calendar to allow for teachers to receive training.  There will be an additional day or two as well in subsequent years as we move to full implementation across all grades. 


What this means for parents is that students will not be in session on these training days.


The superintendent has asked COPACS for any considerations that the School Board should be aware of as it decides how to roll out training for teachers in our district.  That is each individual school board can decide how it will allocate the 2 days of training (i.e. 4 half days, 1 full day and 2 half, 2 full days etc., and which dates it chooses).  


Dr. Elder is preparing a briefing note for the Boards consideration at the school board meeting this Wednesday night, The Board will likely begin making some decisions on how to implement the two days worth of training set out by the ministry.

I know this is very short notice, but could you pass along any perspectives, concerns etc. you are hearing from your parents prior to the end of day Wednesday that maybe of use in the boards deliberations


What I have heard so far is that people are concerned how this may impact families who cannot make other child care arrangements.  Unfortunately, the provincial government made the decision to cover the training through regular instruction time.  Districts have no control over this.  However, if there is an argument to be made on how to schedule or group these days that possibly mitigates a negative impact on families and students now is the time to discuss it.  



James T.