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Important Note from Your PAC Treasurer!

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Important Note from Your PAC Treasurer!
by Bayside PAC - Wednesday, 16 September 2015, 10:14 AM

A Message from your PAC Treasurer.

In light of the recent unfortunate incident regarding the Keating Elementary PAC funds, I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what we are doing to ensure your funds are used appropriately and for the benefit of your children. 

The Bayside PAC has been run very well for a very long time.  The Treasurers before me have done a great job of record keeping and all historical records are available to be viewed, just ask!  There are three main steps we take every month that help to safeguard your funds.

1.        There needs to be 2 people to sign each and every cheque.

2.       All of the cheque stubs are kept in a binder attached to a copy of the invoice it was used to pay.  This binder can be viewed by anyone, just ask!

3.       I will be completing bank reconciliations each month.  I can provide copies of the bank reconciliation to whoever is interested.  These bank reconciliations have details of every single penny that is going through the PAC account.

Truly the best way to make sure that your money is being used for the purposes it was intended is to have interested parents asking questions.  This is your children’s money, be involved, be curious, ask me questions!


Lori Smith, CPA, CGA