Grade 8 band


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by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 6 February 2015, 5:03 PM

A few special band reminders:

1. Students should be practicing regularly outside of their band block, aiming for 4X per week (including masterclass) to review note names, rhythms, articulations, dynamics, and phrasing in their pieces. Please use all of the resources to assist with these items. Your band book has a handy fingering chart for note names and correct fingerings/positions. The band website has a sound files button where many of our pieces are available to listen/play along with. As well, use a metronome to ensure your tempo stays consistent. Grade 6's have a CD accompaniment for all of the pieces in the band book make practicing new pieces fun.

2. Masterclass is part of the band student's weekly schedule. Students should be attending each week (even those PE weeks!) with their instrument, band book/music, pencil, and accessories (reeds/oil/sticks/cleaning kit).

3. January practice cards have been collected and students should be well on their way with recording February practice.

4. A few students are struggling with playing their instrument confidently. I encourage families to request a mini-concert by your child at home. They have learned music in January that is recognizable and should be pleasant to listen to. I will be sending home a special parent evaluation sheet for families to rate their child's'll be comprehensive and easy to use even for the non-musician. Look for this in the next two weeks.

5. What music is my child learning?
Grade 6: Variation on a Shepherd's Tune, Concert Bb scale
Grade 7: Apollo Fanfare, Variations on a Shepherd's Tune, Anthem & March, For the Beauty of the Earth, Abide With Me, Concert Bb and Eb scales
Grade 8: Celtic Air & Dance #2, Gold Medallion, Variations on a Shepherd's Tune, Concert Bb and Eb scales, 3rds, chords, and triplets