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Band Masterclass Schedule

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Band Masterclass Schedule
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 7 September 2018, 12:33 PM

September – December Masterclass Schedule

Due to the ever increasing number of band students I have had to create a two-week rotating Masterclass Schedule. It will be as follows. This will be on our daily morning announcements, but I would appreciate parents posting this in your home for quick reference.

Please note, this is a class for marks and it is expected band students attend with all of their necessary band supplies (instrument, band book, music, and pencil). Even if students have a sick note or have forgotten their instrument, I ask that they still attend masterclass so that they can hear what we learned and worked on that session.

Week 1- Sept 10-14, Sept 24-28, Oct 8-12, Oct 22-26, Nov 5-9, Nov 19-23, Dec 3-7, Dec 17-21

Mondays- Grade 6 Trumpets

Tuesdays- Grade 7 Brass and Percussion 

Wednesdays- Grade 8 Brass and Percussion

Thursdays- Grade 6 Trombones and Baritones

Fridays- Grade 6 Percussion

Week 2- Sept 17-21, Oct 1-5, Oct 15-19, Oct 29-Nov 2, Nov 12-16, Nov 26-30, Dec 10-14

Mondays- Grade 6 Flutes

Tuesdays- Grade 7 Woodwinds

Wednesdays- Grade 8 Woodwinds

Thursdays- Grade 6 Clarinets and Bass Clarinets

Fridays- Grade 6 Alto and Tenor Saxophones

The band room door will be open at 12:45pm for those students wishing to come in early to get set up and organized. 

As well, the band room will be open for students who wish to practice during lunch hour during the week if students find it difficult to bring their instrument from school to home. A schedule will be posted on the band room door.