Grade 8 band

Practicing Week 2

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Practicing Week 2
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 7 October 2016, 5:03 PM

What a great week Grade 8 Band!

You should feel confident as we are reviewing the material covered in Band 7. Please practice Chorale #2 from Bach and Before for Band (including Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). Work on shaping the musical phrase in 8 measures sections. Your daily warmup routine should include 10 minutes of technique focusing on the Concert Bb Scale sheet (scale, thirds, chords, and triplets). After your warmup, please run through Peace, play along with the recording, shaping the musical line and playing with dynamic contrast. The recording can be found here:

I encourage all students to practice along with the following fantastic resource (especially for Brass players- trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone

Students should practice 30 minutes 3-4X each week outside of class time in order to develop the muscle memory needed to play a musical instrument. Your goal is to be ready to complete the "White" band karate playing test during the next band class.

Next week is PE and masterclass.