Grade 8 band

Band Karate

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Band Karate
by Amber Aitchison - Thursday, 24 September 2015, 8:37 PM
Next week on Tuesday/Thursday (Sept 29/Oct 1) during band, Grade 8 Band students will be completing the requirements for their first Band Karate ring and White bead.

Ring: Students have all of their materials for band, their instrument case labeled with name and division, and are able to follow the daily routines and in-class rules.

White Bead: Concert Bb Scale and one of the following: thirds, chords, or triplets. Percussion players will complete the Concert Bb Scale on mallets, and the Snare Drum Single Stroke Roll (on SD or practice pad) at the Bronze or Silver level using the Vic Firth Website:

To earn the bead, students must perform these techniques at an A or B level. Good posture, tone, air support, tonguing, instrument position/grip, and steady tempo (quarter note = 80-100bpm) are equally important. Students earning a C+ or lower are encouraged to continue practicing these techniques at home and take a re-test sometime before the end of Term 1. Re-tests may be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time (at lunch/after-school).