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Welcome Back!!

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Welcome Back!!
by Amber Aitchison - Monday, 21 September 2015, 3:34 PM

A few things to note as we get the school year started:

1. EVERY WEEK, students have Band on Wednesdays (during silent reading as a combined block with both classes) and either Tuesdays or Thursdays (block 4) depending upon their rotation. Students will need to bring their instrument, band binder, and a pencil to class. Percussionists will need to have their sticks (glock, SD sticks, wool mallets, and timpani mallets) each day for class. They should also have a glockenspiel at home for regular practice but need not bring it to school as we have three class-use glockenspiel set up to share.

2. EVERY WEEK, students have PE on Wednesdays (for a run) and on either Mondays or Fridays (block 4) depending upon their rotation. Students will need to bring a change of PE strip and deodorant. We go outside rain or shine, so a change of socks, underwear, and a hat/jacket isn't a bad idea. Those students whom have an inhaler/puffer and/or EPIPEN are required to carry them during all activities.

3. Whistler Band trip: I will be sending home information in the next two weeks regarding the Whistler Band trip. Please note, the dates are Thursday April 21-Sunday April 24, 2016. The final cost is dependent on the number of students attending, but will include all meals, activities, transportation, and entry to the festival. Last year the trip cost $550 per student. Fundraising ventures are led by those parents interested in organizing events. If you are interested in leading a fundraising event, please send me an email. Chaperones will be selected based on the needs of the group. Usually we require a balance of male and female chaperones. Please do not hesitate to email me if you would like to attend as a chaperone. There is no cost, but as a chaperone there is work to be done to make the trip run smoothly.