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Spring Break and practicing

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Spring Break and practicing
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 6 March 2015, 1:29 PM
Hi there Band Families! I am wishing you all a wonderful spring break and a well deserved break from the rushed days getting the kids to school. My hope is that we all return on March 23rd ready to begin the final leg of the school year, gearing up to our Spring Concert, which is on Thursday May 7th at 7pm. Please mark your calendars :)

While it is important to take this break to slow down and connect with family, it is also important as musicians to keep our embouchures in shape (kinda like fitness and going to the gym). I realize it is not realistic to practice every day or perhaps every other day. But I do believe pulling out our instrument and music a few times each week to run through some scales and our pieces would be of great benefit. If you are heading away and cannot bring an instrument brass players can buzz their part on their mouthpiece, percussionists can practice their part on practice pads, and woodwind players can sizzle and air-band their parts along with the recordings found on the soundfiles here on the Band webpage. All students can practice counting and clapping their part. Perhaps have a friend over and play duets, pull out some Disney or pop music....just play a bit to make sure we don't feel overwhelmed after the break. Plus all of this will count as practice time on their practice card.

Again, have a wonderful Spring Break! See you in two weeks. Grade 8 Band students will have band on their first week back after the break. Don't forget your instrument!