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So long for now...

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So long for now...
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 30 May 2014, 3:21 PM

Well, it is that time....time for me to leave on my final maternity leave from Bayside. I feel so incredibly blessed to work with such amazing and supportive people, both adults and students. It is bitter-sweet to be leaving at this time, as many of you have become such an important part of my daily life, but I know spending quality time with my family is something I must do. Please take care of my replacement for the month of June as he settles into Homeroom for 7-7, ELA 7-7, and PE with all of the band kids. He was a former student of Mr Kovacs and seems to be really keen...David Sandhu, I believe is his name.

As for the band has come to a close for now. There are still instruments in the band room for students to take home for the summer. Please encourage the little monkeys to do that soon. In September there shall be a Band temp TOC (posting comes out next week, I believe). It's a pretty big position to fill with school startup, instrument rental, music preparation, starting masterclass sectionals, fundraising, concert planning, festival and trip planning, along with general classroom setup. I have my fingers crossed that the person is someone whom fills the kids with such passion and enthusiasm for music that they will be as keen as they are today to continue to make music throughout their years at Bayside.

I will see you all again I am sure...but will also send some pics of the newest Aitchison as we welcome him/her into the world sometime around July 14. Please encourage your "band delight" (as I often refer to them) to continue making music in some way in high school. Perhaps the traditional concert band isn't the right setting, but don't forget about Jazz Band, Musical Theatre, Stage Craft, Guitar, etc. This musical talent that has been crafted while at Bayside (and long before for some students) is something not to let to must be cherished. As an adult it will become something to share with others...think about Viva la Vida...that is what it's all about. Collaboration, and sharing the common emotional connection through music!

Hugs to you all! I will miss you!