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Final Week of Band

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Final Week of Band
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 16 May 2014, 1:50 PM

Grade 8 Band students are having their final week of band May 19-23. At this time, we will be busy collecting final marks: individual playing test, theory worksheets, clapping/rhythm dictee, and practice card check (March, April, May). I need to have report cards done prior to mat. leave.

At the start of June, a PE teacher will be taking over my classes and teaching PE until the end of the school year. Be prepared for warm weather, bring a water bottle, hat/sunglasses, sunscreen, deoderant, and of course a cool change of clothes.

Instruments can/should be taken for a cleaning and tune up. If you rented a school instrument, those come back to the school by May 30.

If you rented an instrument through L&M or elsewhere, please return those in person (NOT TO THE SCHOOL).

Please encourage your son/daughter to practice/play throughout the summer months...perhaps some Disney books, duet music, or Pop music from their favourite singer/band. Anything to make practicing fun and engaging. In September we will start anew with a Band Teacher replacement. I'm sorry I do not know who that is yet, but I have been working with administration to ensure we hire the "best fit" to continue to inspire band students to play/learn new music. I will return Jan 1 from Mat. Leave. Although I am sad to not see your child everyday, I am excited to spend some time with our last's been a few years as our eldest two are just 6yrs and nearly 8yrs.

Band 8 students...please come back to Bayside and visit...sit in with a group of musicians and share your skills/knowledge/passion for music! Our door is always open here at Bayside!!

All Band 8 students are strongly encouraged to join the Stelly's Music Department (or whichever highschool)...there's something for everyone: Jazz Band, Concert Band, Choir, Vocal Jazz, Musical Theatre, Stagecraft, Guitar...don't let your child give up this gift of music...if Viva La Vida at our Spring Concert was inspiring then you should know that that is the calibre of music being made at the high schools. I have never had a student return and express regret over continuing to play/perform...only those whom are deeply saddened to have let go of this incredibly rewarding form of expression...Music is a gift! Continue to make music, you'll never regret it!! Talk to the school counsellors...they can fit it into anyone's can count as extra credit towards graduation and sometime is used to help boost GPA when meeting Post Secondary Education requirements.