Bayside Middle School

Bayside Middle School attends to the developmental needs of adolescence by fostering respect, responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness, and kindness in a community of learners.

  • 565 Students in grades 6, 7, and 8
  • 20 Divisions
  • 2 Administrators
  • 35 Teachers
  • 20 Support Staff (includes teaching assistants, custodians, lunch supervisors, bus drivers, etc.)
  • 3 Languages - English, French, and SENCOTEN (First Nations)
  • School Map
  • Located 15 kilometers north of Greater Victoria
  • Includes the communities of Brentwood Bay, Saanichton, and Central Saanich

Saanich School Board does not provide accident insurance coverage for students.

Bayside Terms

Shark Shop - The Shark Shop is a student-managed store that provides refreshments, snacks, Bayside clothing, and basic school supplies. The shop is open for business during breaks on various days throughout the week. All proceeds from this shop support a variety of student initiatives throughout the year.

Shark Attack - This annual event involves a challenge between the Grade 8 students vs. Bayside staff in the form of an Ice Hockey game in March. The entire school comes out to cheer and join in the fun. Parents are also welcome.

Fine Arts & Applied Skills (FAAS) - These are the non-academic courses that offer the students exposure to a variety of activities. The FAAS courses that Grade 6/7 students have at Bayside include Art, Drama, Life Skills (Home Ec.), Info Tech (Computers), and Tech Ed (Woodworking). The Grade 8 students also have the opportunity to try Dance, Graphic Design, Robotics, and Leadership.

Non-Instructional Day (NID) - These days are used for the Professional Development of school staff.

All students at Bayside Middle School have a right and responsibility to ensure that they, as well as others, are:

  • RESPECTFUL to ourselves, others, and this place.
  • RESPONSIBLE citizens and learners
  • HONEST citizens and learners
  • TRUSTWORTHY (fair) citizens and learners.
  • KIND (compassionate) citizens and learners.
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