mercredi, le 16 novembre 2016

  • Students have received a new booklet "Mars, La Mystérieuse
  • Please support/ encourage your child to read this every evening; re-read for fluency and comprehension
  • Math quiz on Fractions next Tuesday, November 22nd; revue of the terms work.  Students will create a cheat sheet prior to the quiz
  • 1 page of math on reducing fractions due tomorrow
  • Today we reviewed the Passé Composé in class with l'auxilière AVOIR.  This will be on-going for the next few weeks
  • Pizza day tomorrow

Students create school google accounts today.  They can access and work from home on their google accounts.

  • They must go to a google page, and sign in on the top right hand side of the page
  • Log in with:
  • They will be redirected to a school connect page.  
  • They will write their student number
  • Password is their normal school log in password

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