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Bayside PAC - Seeking Volunteers for PAC Executive 2022-2023

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Bayside PAC - Seeking Volunteers for PAC Executive 2022-2023
by Bayside School - Tuesday, 12 April 2022, 9:51 AM

Bayside parents,

We are canvassing parents of kids currently attending Bayside PAC or attending in the fall 2022, for some help.

This year the Bayside PAC annual general meeting (AGM) is planned for May 30 (7-8 pm). During the meeting we will be electing new officers for the coming year. We have a number of executive positions needing new volunteers. We are looking to recruit new faces to fill the Chair, vice-Chair and secretary positions. I have been part of the executive for the past two years and have really enjoyed getting to know the school and all the programs offered to the kids at Bayside. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to participate in the community, get to know school staff, and make a positive impact on your kids' experience at the Bayside middle school. We encourage everyone interested in lending a hand to reach out to the PAC. If you have any questions about any of the three positions please let me know ( And of course, if this opportunity is simply irrespirable and you want to join the Bayside PAC executive, please email me about your interest AND attend the AGM to join our wonderful team.

The next Bayside PAC meeting is planned on Monday, May 2 (7-8 pm). This is a great opportunity for you to come, meet the current executive and experience what we are all about. For details on how to join the call, visiting our FB page or email us for zoom details.
Magda Kingsley