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Last Day of School Procedures - 10:00 am Early Dismissal Permission Form

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Last Day of School Procedures - 10:00 am Early Dismissal Permission Form
by Bayside School - Tuesday, 15 June 2021, 12:41 PM

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Tuesday, June 29th is the final day for students at Bayside Middle School.  The most important function of the day is to distribute report cards.  If you wish to have your child’s report card mailed to you, please be sure to provide your child's teacher with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, otherwise report cards will remain in the office for you to pick up in early July or late August.

Report cards and class activities will be finished by 10:00 am.  The rest of the day, the students will be involved in classroom and school preparation/clean-up work.  If you wish your child to be dismissed at approximately 10:00 am on June 29th, please complete and return the Early Dismissal form to your child’s homeroom teacher.  Please note: students who have permission to leave at 10:00 MUST leave the school grounds at that time.

NOTE: Buses will NOT be available at 10:00 am—school buses will run at their regularly scheduled times in the afternoon.  Written permission is necessary in order to dismiss your child ― phone calls WILL NOT be accepted as we don't know who has called and the safety of your child is paramount.