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Disc Golf Course - The Shark Tank At Bayside MS

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Disc Golf Course - The Shark Tank At Bayside MS
by Bayside School - Monday, 30 November 2020, 10:08 AM

To Parents and Caregivers,

Our disc golf course has been "discovered"  by the general public due to being listed on app so we decided to do upgrades and appeal to the school community for donations to help offset the cost.  Parents have asked how they can make donations?  Two ways.  Cheque made out to SD63 and given to the office or directly cash/cheque to a white metal donation box by hole #1 (Gym).

In addition, Clay Beddington, a former Mt Newton/Stelly's student owns an online disc golf store (Facebook Marketplace) and has offered to donate $5 for each starter set (3) discs (frisbees) sold.  He is a member of the South Island Disc Golf Assoc and has organized a online raffle to fund a new target too.  His contact is:  Bangin Chains Disc Golf Store on Facebook Marketplace

Approx 300 discs from most manufacturers. Most new discs range from $17-23. Also have a small selection of used discs. Disc bags and baskets also for sale