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Jack Talk for Parents - Understanding Mental Health - May 28 @ 7

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Jack Talk for Parents - Understanding Mental Health - May 28 @ 7
by Bayside School - Monday, 27 May 2019, 10:23 AM


Jack Talk for Parents

Claremont Secondary School - Ridge Theatre

4980 Wesley Road

Tuesday, May 28th @ 7 pm



Jack Talks are engaging presentations by young speakers to fight stigma and to get people talking about mental health. Of course, students aren’t the only people who need to learn this information. Parents, families, teachers and other trusted adults in the broader community also need to learn to create safer, more supportive environments for mental health. When everyone knows how to recognize signs of distress, open up the conversation, and eliminate the shame, we can create a world where nobody struggles in silence and everyone has access to the help they need.

Goals of Jack Talks for adult audiences:

  • Increase knowledge of mental health –including signs of distress and resources to help;
  • Equip adult audiences with tools to engage young people in conversations around mental health;
  • Decrease the silence and stigma around mental health in communities;
  • Inspire audiences to become leaders for change in their communities