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Next PAC Meeting

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Next PAC Meeting
by Bayside PAC - Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 2:23 PM

The PAC meeting TONIGHT (Tuesday May 21st) has been CANCELLED!

Next PAC Meeting  --  AGM

                 Date:   Tuesday, May 28, 2019

                 Time:   6:30pm

           Location:   Bayside Middle School - Learning Commons

Everyone Welcome!

Come and see what the Bayside PAC is all about! Learn why we are so passionate about our school and meet the amazing people making things happen at Bayside this year!!

Do you have 10 minutes a week? How about 1 hour a month of time to give? Such a small sacrifice to become an integral part of making Bayside an amazing place for our kids and get back an incredible feeling of connection to the school! We need a few roles filled on the PAC next year to continue to function the way we have and support the school in spirit and financially. Our grants and passive fundraising will not happen without YOU! We are very proud of what the PAC has accomplished this year and sure want to see it continue with a new crew of fabulous people!

And if you are new to Bayside this fall, we hope to see you at the Grade 5 info night this coming Thursday! Meet the teachers, get lots of great info, tour the school and your child can get some musical instrument exposure if they are interested in Band! Bayside’s PAC will be serving coffee and goodies, plus be taking orders for Bayside Hoodies!

Think about getting involved in the PAC at Bayside to stay connected to the school during your child’s most transformative years! Your kids and the school need you!

See you on Tuesday, May 28th in the Learning Commons!