Grade 8 band

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays
by Amber Aitchison - Thursday, 20 December 2018, 3:00 PM

Happy Holidays! I hope your family has time to recharge and relax over the break. I encourage your young musician to play some Christmas Carols for friends and family who may be visiting. 

When we return in January, the schedule will resume as follows:

Week One:

Band 7A1, Band 7B, PE 7A2

Band 6A1, Band 6B, PE 6A2

PE 8A, PE 8B

Masterclass Tuesday (Grade 7 Woodwinds), Wednesday (Grade 8 Woodwinds), Thursday (Grade 6 Woodwinds)

Week Two will be reverse:

PE 7A1, PE 7B, Band 7A2

PE 6A1, PE 6B, BAND 6A2

Band 8A, Band 8B

Masterclass Tuesday (Grade 7 Brass and Percussion), Wednesday (Grade 8 Brass and Percussion), Thursday (Grade 6 Brass and Percussion)

Please remind your musician to bring his/her instrument home after school Friday.