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REMINDER - Emergency Prepared Fundraiser!

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REMINDER - Emergency Prepared Fundraiser!
by Bayside PAC - Thursday, 25 October 2018, 11:52 AM

Just a friendly reminder to update your emergency prepared kits - Be prepared for any emergency!

BC is vulnerable to a mega-thrust earthquake. These type of earthquakes occur every 300 to 500 years with devasting impacts! The last such earthquake occurred in the year 1700, this puts us in the window of the next event! Don't be left wondering why you weren't prepared with at least an Earthquake kit!

In conjunction with TotalPrepare we are making available to you, at a reasonable price, an Earthquake Preparedness Kit - all proceeds will go to update Bayside Emergency Prepared Kits. These kits are also valuable for any major emergency or disaster that may impact your family.

There is no better time than NOW to update your emergency kits and/or buy one if you don't have one! For a piece of mind don't hesitate put your order in today!

These AMAZING prices won't last long;
why not take advantage of them while you can?!

See the attached flyer for prices.
Our website address is
Your group name is “Bayside Middle School”. Please enter this in the ‘Company Name’ box when you checkout. This keeps your orders together and separate from all other incoming orders.
Your Coupon Code is"GoSharks".
At the end of the fundraising period, Bayside will receive an 8-15% rebate for fundraiser items purchased.
Indicate “pick up in Victoria” as the shipping option. This will ensure no shipping is charged. This pick up option will appear AFTER all the name and address information is entered on the checkout page.
Orders will be shipped to Bayside for distribution after the fundraising period expires. Each order will be boxed and labelled for easy distribution. The PAC will be in touch with you providing details for pick up.
The closing date for this fundraiser is Friday, November 2, 2018. Please make sure you place all your orders no later than this date - exceptions will not be made available for those who miss the deadline!
If you have questions about our products, need direction in how to prepare, or are unsure about something, please feel free to call us at 1-888-832-1733 and we will be pleased to be of assistance.