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Whistler 2nd Payment- Feb 1

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Whistler 2nd Payment- Feb 1
by Amber Aitchison - Monday, 22 January 2018, 12:42 PM

Please note, I will be cashing the postdated cheques which families provided in the fall for our 2nd Whistler payment as of Feb 1. The amount is $310. 

The following students please send a cheque payable to SD63 (write your child's name in the memo line) prior to Feb 1 so that I can pay our travel agent within their deadline.

Samantha B

Feliciy Mc

Ashlee S

Ashley St

Trevor T

Sabine W?

Quinna Y?

Hanne B

Elise E

Anna H (please pay $270 as first payment was overpaid by $40)

Rhaine L

Sage M?

Evan M

Nicole S

Sophia T

Alden T

Levi V

The following students please see me for additional forms that have not been handed in:

Samantha B (profile sheet)

Sabine W (Consent and profile sheet)

Nicole S (Consent and profile sheet)

Sophia T (profile sheet)

Teaaira V (Consent and profile sheet)