Grade 8 band

Week 1 Band

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Week 1 Band
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 22 September 2017, 8:09 PM

Grade 8 Band students have had a great first week in band. We've reviewed classroom routines and expectations. Most students have sent in money for their Band books ($25 payable to SD63). We started looking at new warmup activities and the band karate exercises. white bead testing starts next Band week, Oct 2nd. 

Most percussionists have paid their school-use percussion fee ($60) and purchased their additional mallets ($30) and stick bag ($15). The money collected for the school-use fee will be used this year to purchase a new drum kit. The percussionists are quite excited! 

Band students are encouraged to listen to Hope Everlasting by James Swearingen on the JWPepper website (link below) and practice their notes and rhythms so that we can start looking at phrasing and dynamics next week in masterclass.

Any students using larger instruments (French horn, trombone, baritone, tenor sax) finding it difficult to transport their instrument home for practice are welcome to borrow a school instrument (free of charge) to facilitate regular practice. Unfortunately I do not have a additional bass clarinets, tuba or Bari sax therefore those students are welcome to speak to me about practicing during silent reading. We can set up a schedule which is acceptable to their homeroom teacher.

Parents are asked to encourage their child to practice regularly at home. Daily practice of 15-30 minutes is best to encourage muscle memory. More information will be provided next week regarding best practice routines.

Thanks for a fun and productive first week!