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French Speech competition...le Concours

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French Speech competition...le Concours
by Julie Taggart - Thursday, 6 April 2017, 12:02 PM


On Tuesday April 11th, the Learning Commons will be filled with 25 French Immersion students who will present their well-rehearsed speeches to a panel of 3 judges.    
Based on their speech and on the answers the students provide to questions asked by the judges,  6 students will be chosen to travel to SFU Surrey to continue in the province-wide competition.  
This event is the culmination of weeks of a researching, writing and then memorizing speeches on subjects as varied as The Evolution of Film, The Advantages of Learning an Instrument, and Cloning .  All of the French Immersion students participated, but these 25 were chosen by their peers and teachers to move onto the next stage. 

Bonne Chance to all these students on Tuesday!