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fundraising update

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fundraising update
by Amber Aitchison - Monday, 7 November 2016, 1:00 PM

From Sandra Arthur...whom I want to thank (along with the committee of additional parents helping) for all of the hard work and time necessary to make these fundraising ventures possible.

Please note we have had to close the list for additional people participating in the raffle fundraiser.  The reason is twofold:

1.  We only had a limited number tickets printed (3000) per the gaming licence.  No-more can be added.  This was originally based on 15 families (who were the people who signed up with me in September).  However, since then we did  allow a few more people to sign up and we are now at a max 22 families.

2.   Our Save on Foods weekend sales effort is currently all assigned and folks briefed.  There is no scope to add more.

There have been numerous emails go out since September including a meeting at Bayside.

As a result, it is unfortunately not possible for additional people to participate at this late stage.

Per my email that went out to the families last week, there are plenty of other opportunities to fundraise.

- Xmas Fair - we are seeking someone to lead the hot food/hot drinks role
- Supply baked goods/staff sales at the xmas fair.

- Beyond December, suggestions to car wash, sell coffee/chocolate etc have been shared.  I am unable to lead any further fundraising efforts but would be happy for another parent to step forward.  It is a huge amount of work so currently no - one else has raised their hand.

I am sorry to disappoint late requests, but hope other families might be willing to step forward and organise additional efforts in the new year.

Best wishes