Grade 8 band

Practice Week 4

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Practice Week 4
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 4 November 2016, 11:20 PM

We are preparing for the Remembrance Day Assembly (Tuesday November 8 during block 4). Students will wear all black (no band ties) and a poppy. We will be playing O Canada and Peace. Please practice playing with dynamic contrast (blowing softly with warm air on a dandelion puff), and long phrases (no throwing our friends off the cliff). There is a recording of Peace found here:


-Attendance and Preparation for Band and Masterclass  

-Daily Participation

-Band Karate playing tests (white, yellow and orange due no later than Nov 18, tests in class, retests at recess/lunch, before/after school)

-Theory: Happy Birthday, Accidentals/Enharmonics worksheet

Students should practice for 30 mins 3-4X each week outside of class/masterclass. Focus on our Winter Concert music (concert is December 8th at 7pm and December 9th Block 1). 

Jingle Bell Rock (recording found here: 

Baby it's Cold Outside (recording found here: