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Halloween Social: Mon. Oct 31st

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Halloween Social: Mon. Oct 31st
by Julie Taggart - Friday, 28 October 2016, 9:48 AM

Halloween is here on Monday! Dress up and join the parade of costumes and attend one of the many activities. There will be a Halloween Spooktacular Dance with special treats sold at the Shark Shop. Wrist bands to be sold on Monday for $3 with a can of food and $4 without. Happy Halloween!

Reminders: No weapons or weapon replicas, no full face masks, no inappropriate (risqué/ revealing, violent or excessively gory) outfits. No clown costumes or anything resembling a clown costume (due to the recent clown safe schools letter sent out). No interfering with others' costumes or with people themselves. Expected behaviours: respectful, calm, cooperative.