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Cops 4 Cancer & the Tour de Rock

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Cops 4 Cancer & the Tour de Rock
by Julie Taggart - Monday, 26 September 2016, 10:10 AM

About Cops 4 Cancer and the Tour de Rock...

  • it’s a two-week, 1,000-kilometre bike ride for a team of police officers who raise money to fight childhood cancer. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the biggest community event on Vancouver Island — unifying every community from Victoria to Port Alice as we rally together to support children who are battling cancer and the Tour will be stopping at Bayside on Thursday, Oct. 6th!

  • We want to be able to give a large amount of money to help fight childhood cancer!

  • So, get out your toonies and:

  • 1. Donate as many toonies as you can to the TOUR DE ROCK TOONIE TOWER in the gallery.

  • 2. On Wednesday, Oct 5th. Buy a wristband for $2 and wear your hat to show your support for TOUR DE ROCK AND COPS FOR CANCER on Thursdays at the rally. Wristbands will be on sale at the Shark Shop in the morning and in the gallery at recess Wednesday and Thursday.

  • 3. Get pledges, and shave your head - see Mme Levesque in the South Science Lab for the pledge forms by Thursday. Pledges need to be handed in by Friday, Oct. 7th. Mr. Newlove will arrange for your head to be shaved when the Tour de Rock arrives at Bayside.