Grade 8 band

Practicing Week 1

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Practicing Week 1
by Amber Aitchison - Friday, 23 September 2016, 9:33 PM

What should Grade 8 Band students be practicing?

Grade 8's should practice their Technic in 12 Keys (#1) Concert Bb Scale, thirds, arpeggios, triplets). Followed by working through "Peace" focusing on playing a nice legato/smooth sound with much dynamic/volume contrast and emotion. Please listen to the recording to have a good idea of the musical style. This recording can be found:

After about 30 minutes of playing their mouth will begin to feel fatigued and that is a good time to clean/dry the inside of the instrument (please do not use water on instruments...use the swab and cleaning kit). As a reminder "Happy Birthday" notation is due on the first band class of the following week.

How frequently should my child be practicing?

Approx 4 times per week outside of class time. More frequently is better...daily is best! The band room is open at lunch from 12:30-12:55 pm for students to practice alone or with friends (more fun).

What supplies should my child have for at-home practice?

Instrument, band book, pencil, music stand, comfortable-sturdy chair (or they can practice while standing), cleaning kit, and access to a computer/dvd/cd player. Our band book has a great dvd videos to show students how to assemble their instrument, hold it properly, form an embouchure, and has a play-along track to each exercise. Those families still needing to purchase the Bach and Before for Band, please send $10 payment to the school asap so that we can get moving ahead with our musical journey.

Weekly Update:

This week we learned what is mentioned above, and also began to review the language of music notation. Terminology and symbols including: Staff, rhythm, key signature, time signature, breath marks, fermata, barlines, double barline, stem direction, clef, and composer/arranger.

Next week is a PE week, with instrumental masterclasses as follows (during silent reading):

Tuesday: Brass (we are looking for a couple of trombone and french horn mentors to help the beginning band students.

Wednesday: Grade 8 Band

Students must attend masterclass with their instrument, band book, and pencil.

Thank you to our Grade 8 Band families who have expressed an interest in fundraising towards the cost of the Whistler Band trip. Information will be coming home soon with regards to cost, dates, overview of the trip, and payment information.