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A message about Gr. 8 Farewell...

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A message about Gr. 8 Farewell...
by Julie Taggart - Monday, 27 June 2016, 12:31 PM

Hello parents and guardians of Grade 8 students,

Just a reminder about our grade 8 farewell taking place tonight at Bayside for the grade 8 students, it takes place from 7:00-9:30 pm.  I know that it has been asked for parents to drop off their students, and keep going, not to park or prolong their student from entering into the farewell event.  I know in the past I have been totally guilty of this, taking pictures of all the kids before they enter.  Seeing as they just have 2.5 hours to enjoy all that the committees have planned, we are hoping that the students come in quickly to eat and partake.  Please do your picture taking at home before they leave for the event.  And I heard a rumor that one of the most popular food items is limited, so the kids will want to make sure they get in to get one before they are all gone!  The kids will probably have devices to take pictures; there will be tons of video/photo documentation of the event.  

Here is to a great farewell for all the grade 8’s and to a fabulous summer.

Cheers, Darcy Winkel, Farewell Coordinator