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by Julie Taggart - Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 10:39 AM



Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils of Saanich


April 26, 2016


To: Families and Staff of School District 63,


Re: Budget cuts to the 2016/2017 school year, invitation to attend the Special Budget Meeting


Our school board is being placed in a position where they will have to make cuts that will have a direct impact on your children. These service cuts will affect all students from K-12 next year.

Parents are invited to attend the special budget meeting tomorrow to learn more and share their concerns.

Meeting: School Board Special Budget Meeting
Date/time: Wednesday, April 27 from 7 pm to 9 pm
Location: School Board Office (2125 Keating Crossroad)

Specifically, the Board is facing further budget cuts because of TWO actions by government:

  1. Government took $700,000 we made in administrative savings into provincial coffers rather than having us move those savings into programs and services for students.

  2. We have been required to pay $314,000 of annual costs for a new provincial network for internet access, up from a cost of $30,000 for the previous system, PLNet.

Those two actions taken together result in close to $1 MILLION lost to our students. The Board had managed previous budget shortfalls to minimize impacts to students, and would have overcome structural shortfalls this year if not for the actions of the provincial government.

Government should return the $700,000 we made in administrative savings, and pay for the new provincial network. If government does not, these costs will be directly borne on the backs of our children. It is time we hold our elected officials accountable. Our children are worth investing in, they deserve a future. Please join us in solidarity at the School Board Special Budget Meeting tomorrowWednesday April 27 at 7pm. All parents & guardians are welcome.


James Taylor, President
Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils in Saanich (COPACS)