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Whistler payment

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Whistler payment
by Amber Aitchison - Thursday, 11 February 2016, 12:42 PM
Many thanks to those families whom have already returned the second payment for Whistler. Below is a list of names still owing.
$250: Matteo Hilton, Jean MacAulay, Ethan Rutledge, Noah Stewart, Marisa Smith, Sam Collins, Lucas Donovan, Charlie Dutton

The following students owe a reduced rate due to individual fundraisers:
Devin Mc Cleary $228.68
Nolan Rintoul $200.53
Sophie Crow $209.92
Edna Ellsworth $240
Seb Gale $244.95
Chloe Greenfield $210.36

The following students are waiting to find out the fundraising generated by the canteen during the craft fair and concert. As soon as I am informed of the amount I will let these families know.
Mason Lo
Melanie Warwick
Brooklyn Filipovic
Ben Cunningham
Chris Griffiths

The final $50 payment is due on April 1st from all families. I do have some postdated cheques from some families which I will remind closer to the due date.