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Winter Concert

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Winter Concert
by Amber Aitchison - Monday, 16 November 2015, 12:29 PM

A reminder of the upcoming Winter Concerts (Everyone): Thursday Dec 10 (7-8pm), Friday Dec 11 (block 1 for school). For the evening concert, performers should be ready in the warmup room no later than 6:45pm. I suggest arriving early and taking some time to find a nice seat and families can peruse the craft fair while the bands warm up.

All students should be wearing their band uniform:
Grade 6: black pants/skirt with black tights, black shoes, and band shirt (shirts are supplied by the band department)
Grade 7&8: black pants/skirt with tights, black shoes, and black/white collared shirt, and a band tie (ties are supplied by the band department).

What music should my child be able to play?
Grade 8's are preparing five pieces : O Canada, Arrival at Normandy, Along the Beaches of Normandy, Welcome Christmas, and Colours of Christmas. Sound files are available to listen to, and practice with here: /course/view.php?id=150

As a concert finale, the grade 6, 7, and 8 bands will play a "showstopper" piece entitled "Holiday Singalong". Students will be receiving this music in class this week or next week. Each grade will play a small section of the piece and then end the piece playing together as a 210+ member band! It will be spectacular to hear the music as the skill level progresses and we end as a massive band! We will be spending alot of time going over it in class prior to the Winter Concert.

What about practicing? My child is nervous about the concert...
Students should be practicing these pieces regularly at home to feel confident for their  concert. To make practicing more enjoyable, I encourage students to play along with the accompaniment soundfiles (mentioned above), and/or invite a band friend over to practice and play together. Feeling nervous about a performance is a normal and natural feeling performers experience. To overcome this nervousness, musicians should regularly perform for audiences at home. Start with an impromptu mini-performance of a favourite song out of the band book. Introduce yourself, instrument, and what piece you will play. After performing the family/friends audience will applaud and the performer will take a bow. It'll feel wonderful to overcome the nervous energy and feel a sense of accomplishment!