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Northwest Environmental Report on Mould at Bayside

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Northwest Environmental Report on Mould at Bayside
by Lori Lafave - Thursday, 25 February 2016, 9:31 AM

Hello Bayside staff and Bayside parent community,

I would like share out an important finding as indicated below from our District Facilities Director Kim Milburn. 

Administration will be working with teachers to relocate specific programs as identified below, for the next two days so that our District crews can begin their work.

As you are aware, we engaged Northwest Environmental Group to conduct indoor air and material testing along with express laboratory testing on Monday, February 22nd.  I have just received a verbal report from the technician. 

The firm has confirmed that spaces of the school are well ventilated and that mould growth has historically been inhibited through this condition.  Mould airborne tests at intervals throughout the facility show that indoor mould count concentrations do not exceed those of outdoor testing but species vary from those found outside.    

There are two areas of the Library and Art Room with green mould that has grown behind a vinyl wallpaper that trapped moisture, prevented drying and allowed the release of airborne spores.  These areas are under 10 square feet in area.  Again, the concentration of mould spores within these spaces is still equal to that of outdoors.  However some persons with immunocompromising illness or other medical conditions might experience adverse effect, so out of an abundance of caution we will proactively close the Art and Library on Thursday and Friday to remediate those two areas, with a plan for reopening on Monday February 29th.  Our maintenance staff have the capacity to cut out, remove and temporarily refinish these two wall areas.

Would you please meet with staff in these areas, relocate these programs for these 2 days and secure the rooms until our crews can begin their work tomorrow.  

I would be pleased to provide further details as necessary when the written report is received from Northwest Environmental.
Kim Milburn 
Acting Facilities Director